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The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner will ensure that all information used in coming to a decision will be made accessible to local people through a variety of means. The means will be determined by where the decision lies on the sliding scale of public interest including:
  • Office of the PCC web site - decision records and associated papers
  • Media releases
  • Leaflets, Social Media e.g. Twitter, Blogs
  • Web casts
  • Annual reports

The current Decision Making Policy can be found here.

Decisions post May 2016 Election (Current PCC)

Here you will find information about decisions of significant public interest that have been taken by the current Police and Crime Commissioner. Decisions taken can be found below:

The New Commissioner's Grant Process - PCC/D/003 7/6/16

The purpose of this report is to establish the Commissioner's strategic objectives for the remaininq qrant fund and to establish a clear process for allocation. The documentation for this decision can be found here.

Appointment of Statutory Posts - Interim Arrangements - PCC/D/002 7/6/16
To provide an outline of interim arrangements for the statutory posts and other interim posts within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The documentation for this decision can be found here.

Signing the Oath - PCC/D/001 7/6/16
To document the declaration of acceptance of office. The documentation for this decision can be found here.