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The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner will ensure that all information used in coming to a decision will be made accessible to local people through a variety of means. The means will be determined by where the decision lies on the sliding scale of public interest including:
  • Office of the PCC web site - decision records and associated papers
  • Media releases
  • Leaflets, Social Media e.g. Twitter, Blogs
  • Web casts
  • Annual reports

The current Decision Making Policy can be found here.

The current Decision Log can be found here.

Most Recent Decisions

PCC/D/091 08/06/2017 Agree to appoint Lambert Smith Hampton to place Greyfriars on the open market, one month sealed bids, as soon as possible
PCC/D/092 12/06/2017 Agree to advertise rental of Leagrave Station
PCC/D/093 11/07/2017 Scoping exercise to be carried out to examine the most appropriate response to National Police Complaints Reform and forthcoming changes to the Police and Crime Act 2017 legislation. A business case to be considered in relation to PCC oversight and governance of complaints against Bedfordshire Police force and officers. 
PCC/D/094 11/07/2017 Gavin Chambers (Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Authority Treasurer) to be invited to attend the Joint Audit Committee and support the PCC in discharging her duties in relation to the application of Independent financial scrutiny.
PCC/D/095 11/07/2017 PCC and CFO to seek best practice in relation to OPCC Strategic financial Governance  from Gwent OPCC
PCC/D/096 11/07/2017 All of the PCC Expenses to be published and updated monthly on the PCCs website
PCC/D/097 11/07/2017 OPCC to explore efficiencies and improvements to the collaborated Occupational Health provision.  
PCC/D/098 11/07/2017 PCC has agreed to support the extension of the GPS tagging pilot to March 2018 to allow for additional take-up.
PCC/D/099 11/07/2017 Agreed to Subsidise the Bedfordshire Police Cadet Summer Camp 2017 
PCC/D/100 20/07/2017 PCC will support the addition of 4 PCSOs to the Rural Crime Unit - Operation Sentinal Rural
PCC/D/101 20/07/2017 PCC to explore an initiative from a young persons musical charity in relation to the use of Leagrave Police Station