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Meet the Team

The Police and Crime Commissioner's role is a busy one, but she is supported by an Executive Team who help to shape the delivery of the policing agenda across the county and help action key executive decisions on a daily basis, and a team of Administrative staff. Together they make up the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

Mark Cooper - Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is responsible for managing the executive staff as well as providing a monitoring and compliance role. The post holder is responsible for:
  • Working with the Police and Crime Commissioner to enable delivery against vision, strategy and identified priorities.
  • Ensuring effective operational and strategic leadership of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner through on-going management, business planning and governance.
  • Facilitating the accurate and appropriate scrutiny of the Police Force's activities.
  • The post holder will have overall responsibility for the strategic direction, planning and management of the Commissioner’s Office in accordance with professional standards and the legislative and fiduciary responsibilities of the statutory office.
  • The post holder will operate within the APACE Statement on the Role of the Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • The post holder will oversee the Independent Custody Visitors and Dog Welfare Scheme for Bedfordshire.

Chief Executive:

Julie Maddocks - Head of Public Information (post shared with Bedfordshire Police Force)

Julie works closely with the Police and Crime Commissioner to:
  • Oversee, develop and deliver proactive and reactive communications.
  • To guide, support and recommend the most appropriate methods of communication on behalf of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • Lead and manage a communications strategy which will help deliver the Commissioner’s strategic objectives.
  • Work with colleagues in the OPCC and Bedfordshire Police Force to represent the Commissioner in all internal and external communications.
  • Advise, manage and lead the communications team on behalf of the Commissioner and Bedfordshire Police Force
Julie Maddocks

Clare Kelly - Head of Strategic Liaison (post shared with Bedfordshire Police Force)

Clare has responsibility on behalf of the OPCC for Culture and Ethics, Equality and Inclusion, Programme Acuity and advises the Chief Executive and Police and Crime Commissioner on change across the Force and Collaboration.

Phil Wells - Chief Finance Officer (post shared with Bedfordshire Police Force)

Phil advises the Commissioner on financial matters and the impact of any budget. The post holder is responsible for:
  • Professional leadership and management of financial arrangements as the Commissioner's statutory financial officer, incorporating all financial aspects of corporate governance.
  • Leading on the financial and contractual arrangements for commissioned services and the financial management of contracts/funding and grant agreements on behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire.
  • Working with colleagues, Bedfordshire Police Force and other partners to develop and implement strategy and to resource and deliver the Commissioner's strategic objectives sustainably and in the public interest.
For more information on the role of CFO please visit the Home Office Financial Management code of Practice 4.1

Chief Finance Office:

Marc Hodges - Project Manager

Marc leads on various projects for the OPCC in particular those related to commissioning of services for Victims of Crime, Restorative Justice and Crime Prevention. He is also the office lead on Youth Services.

Helena Gilfedder - Executive Research Assistant

As Executive Research Assistant Helena manages the correspondence and diary of the Police and Crime Commissioner as well as providing briefings across a whole host of information, as well as leading on Rural Crime and Transport Crime for the Commissioner. Helena also has responsibility for servicing the monthly Strategic Board meetings between the OPCC and Bedfordshire Police Force Executive.

Samantha Denness - Engagement Officer

Samantha leads on all engagement events for the Office and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Joe Meader - Project Officer

As Project Officer, Joe is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring grants made by the Police and Crime Commissioner. He also provides support for all projects delivered and monitored by the OPCC, including development of innovation and understanding of best practice alongside colleagues in Bedfordshire Police Force to shape future policy decisions and operating models.

Katie Beaumont - Compliance Officer

Katie assists the Chief Executive with all compliance and governance issues. She leads on  all complaints which are received from the public. Katie is also the Eastern Regional Lead for the Independent Custody Visiting Scheme.

Callum Daly -Assistant Communications Officer (post shared with Bedfordshire Police Force)

Callum is responsible for the Police and Crime Commissioner's internal and external communications, media enquiries and social media.

Staff Facts and Figures

The proportion of staff who:

8 Full time members of staff
2 Part time members of staff
4 Part time members joint with the Force.
  • are women:  9 members  - 64% / are men: 5 members - 36%
  • are members of an ethnic minority: 7%
  • have a disability within the meaning of section 6 of the Equality Act 2010: None declared 0%

Chief Constable - Jon Boutcher (QPM)

For more information on the Chief Constable please see the Force website.

Statutory information can be found below:

OPCC Structure


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