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Bedfordshire is the worst place to be – if you’re a burglar, says PCC as Force leads the country in tackling break-ins
Bedfordshire Police are celebrating the best improvement in burglary figures of all 43 police forces in England and Wales after a county-wide crackdown praised by Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway as a gold standard for policing.
The Force has gained the number one spot for improvement in cutting home burglaries after being 41st out of 43 just three years ago.
It’s new PCC Kathryn Holloway says: “Every burglary is still horrific for the victims and I won’t ignore that in any way but this progress by Bedfordshire Police is incredible. I need people to know that break-ins are far less common than feared. Bedfordshire Police have been on the case of burglars in some really imaginative ways and it’s truly paying off.”
“When I’ve been speaking to communities, in Luton for example, over the past seven months I’ve often been told that a burglary is happening there every 15 minutes and I’m really delighted to be able to prove this isn’t true and people can have much more confidence in their homes and in our police officers as a result,” she said.
Much of the success in cutting burglaries is being credited to Bedfordshire’s Operation Fidelity Plan aimed at disrupting, arresting and prosecuting burglars. It is focusing on high-risk locations, advice to the vulnerable and working with trading standards officers to target those who sell stolen goods.
In addition to a new Burglary Team, a Fidelity car has been introduced to patrol high crime areas and conduct curfew checks on previous offenders who should be at home. 
The result is that from April 15 last year to March 16 2016 burglaries fell to an average of 6.7 per day in a population of 670,000 from 8.1, with around 500 fewer victims.
“It shows that targeting known criminals and focusing on crime hot spots pays dividends although we can’t be complacent in any way and need to build on this success to keep our whole community safe, “said PCC Kathryn Holloway.
“The result is that the Chief Constable tells me that other forces are now coming to Bedfordshire to find out how we are making a difference over burglary to learn from our experience,” she said.