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PCC offers prospect of Leagrave Station to Luton youth groups
"Come up with a plan and the money to run it and it's yours!" - that's the offer from Bedfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway over Leagrave Police Station, raising the prospect of a youth development and social centre at the site. 

Leagrave Police Station, on the High Street, was set to be offered for rental, as police in the town are now based at Luton Police Station, Bury Park and Futures House. 

However, following positive reactions from youth leaders and the Leagrave community, the Commissioner has said she will happily turn it over to work on behalf of young people in the town if funding and a sustainable plan can be put together. 

Commissioner Holloway said: "Sadly I don't have the funds from the Ministry of Justice to run Leagrave Station as a youth centre myself. But my whole message has been that police can't deliver every service on their own. 

"There are multiple sources of funds in Luton, for example from the airport, Luton Borough Council and voluntary groups. I hold regular meetings of those holding the commissioning funds in the county and this is precisely the sort of joint-funding opportunity which I welcome.

"If we can, collectively, cover the costs of running the building and offer a safe space for young people to go, with meaningful activities taking place to divert them from youth violence and other harmful issues that young people are affected by, then I would whole heartedly support it." 

The Commissioner is requesting that community groups submit plans to her as soon as possible. Otherwise the police station will have to be made available for general rental.
"I've said on social media that I'll keep an open mind and if there is the will and the money to use Leagrave Police Station for young people I will not stand in the way. Obviously the ideal would be to have the funds to fully staff the station for policing, but Bedfordshire Police has had to reorganise the way it works and the locations officers and staff work from to best effect. That is the only reason Leagrave needs a new future and I look forward to receiving youth-orientated proposals for the site."