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New service launched to give first class support to victims of crime
An enhanced new service for victims of crime in Bedfordshire has been launched today (5 April) by the Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway.
The new Signpost Hub is based at Bedfordshire Police Headquarters, in Kempston, and takes over from Victim Support. The free and confidential service is a one-stop-shop for all the information a victim of crime needs to know. It aims to give first class support and care to both victims and those connected to them, such as partners, children or parents. It will also provide access to Restorative Justice, which brings those harmed by crime and those responsible for the harm into communication, often face to face, enabling those affected by a particular incident to express their views of what the crime meant to them, and to find a positive way forward.

The Signpost Hub is a join initiative with Commissioner Holloway and her office, which is funding the new service. She said: “The Signpost Hub aims to help support a victim as they progress through the entire criminal justice process, from the report of a crime, right the way through to attending court. It also meets my statutory duties to provide support to those affected by crime, whether or not they have chosen to report that crime to police.

“Our specialist Victim Care Co-ordinators will have access to all the support services available in the county, and knowledge of those which are likely to be most beneficial to the victim. The hub of advisors will sit alongside partners from these same services to help them to get access to precisely the right advice. Police officers can also drop in and get guidance from experts too, to help with particularly difficult cases involving vulnerable victims.”

Kevin Vanterpool, Head of Victim Care at the Signpost Hub, added: “The service will build on the force’s commitment to putting victims at the heart of everything we do, and being responsive to victim’s needs. We hope to give victims greater confidence and satisfaction throughout their journey in coping, recovering and moving forward in their life after crime.”

For further information visit the Signpost Hub website or contact 0800 0282 887.