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Bedfordshire PCC responds to HMICFRS rating of 'good crime recording arrangements' by force
Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway has welcomed the latest report on crime data recording by the police watchdog - Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS). 

The PCC has said that she is particularly pleased to see that the latest HMICFRS report commended the “good crime recording arrangements” of Bedfordshire Police, for the progress being made against a national action plan in this area, and for acting on the recommendations of its last similar report.  The Commissioner has stated that she believes that acknowledgment was a reflection of the considerable focus and investment applied to driving awareness of Modern Day Slavery within the force and partnership organisations which has been funded by her office.

“I am pleased at the progress which has been noted by the police watchdog. When it comes to crime recording, the public and media worry that crime figures are being massaged down to make a force look better than it is,” said Commissioner Holloway.

“Here in Bedfordshire, the force has been found to record crime with 90.4% accuracy against very strict guidelines that are both complex and changing all the time. For example, until recently burglary of a shed, garage or out-house was not recorded as a ‘dwelling’ burglary and it now it has to be.

“Despite this, Bedfordshire Police has been found to be sixth out of twenty six forces inspected and graded by HMIFRS and has been particularly praised for its work to deliver on a national crime data integrity plan and to accurately record instances of Modern Day Slavery in particular,” added the Commissioner.

Bedfordshire Police now ranks sixth out of the 26 forces which have been inspected by HMICFRS, and has received two out of three gradings by the inspectorate of the force of ‘Good’ with a further grading of ‘Requires Improvement.’

Commissioner Holloway has informed the HMICFRS that the force Executive Team has already either completed actions that were recommended in the report to produce improvements, or placed them in an action plan which will be addressed each month. She has also told them that she is confident that actions are now in place to close the gaps identified when information flows from external professionals into multi-agency safeguarding hubs and through the Force’s Public Protection Unit.

“Every one of the recommendations of the recent inspection has either been introduced already or are subject to monthly oversight with strict governance processes introduced by the force Executive Team and myself," concluded the PCC.

The HMICFRS report also noted the good work happening within the force and recognised the commitment shown by Bedfordshire Police to respond in a way that is both "ethical and victim focused” when receiving and recording information concerning crime in this county.