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Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner to involve the public and live stream Chief Constable selection to make it fully open and transparent

Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway, is inviting members of the public and the Bedfordshire Police workforce to quiz candidates hoping to become the next Chief Constable of as part of a ground-breaking bid to open up the interview process.


Candidates for the Chief Constable role will be questioned by an audience made up of officers, staff, partners and the general public and the event will be live streamed to anyone wanting to watch it as it happens online.


The public panel will make up part of a rigorous selection process awaiting the candidates during their assessment day on 23 May. The successful applicants will also undergo interviews on a one to one basis with the PCC, the politically independent Chair of the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Panel Paul Cain, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Chief Paul Fuller, who works closely with the Force in collaborative projects and sharing of community fire stations, and successful local businessman and house building developer Steve Smith, who will be representing the county’s business community and will examine each candidate’s strategic vision and financial planning capabilities.

Candidates will also have to deliver two media interviews in response to an unfolding emergency scenario, as part of the event at the University of Bedfordshire’s Bedford campus.


Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway is responsible for appointing the new Chief Constable to replace Jon Boutcher who is standing down in July. Commissioner Holloway said: “My aim is for this to be the most transparent recruitment process for a new Chief in the history of Bedfordshire Police.


“The Chief Constable clearly sets the tone for the organisation and the way it delivers its operations across the county. It’s absolutely vital that we recruit the right leader who is able to meet these challenges and drive the organisation forward in a way that reflects the culture we insist on in relation to tolerance and cohesion across every single community and putting victims genuinely at the centre of everything we do, in a force that's fit for the 2020s.


“The new Chief must also be able to work with, and lead, those from every department across the Force and maintain relationships with our key partners countywide. I want to see how they interact with our own residents and employees to ensure that our new police leader is comfortable answering not only to me but to the people they serve.”


Each candidate will have 10 minutes to present to the audience to explain the ways they intend to secure and build on Bedfordshire Police’s improvements and current service, before taking 10 minutes of questions, selected at random from those present. The presentations will start at 2pm and run until around 4pm to meet the diary needs of as many key partners taking part as possible.


Any member of the public, or Bedfordshire Police itself, wishing to book a place can do so via this Eventbrite link.  (