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The PCC welcomes Garry Forsyth into his new role as the Chief Constable for Bedfordshire Police

Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway, has warmly welcomed her newly appointed Chief Constable, Garry Forsyth, into his new role this week.

Commissioner Holloway said “I’m absolutely delighted to be working even more closely with my new Chief Constable, Garry Forsyth.

“People should be reassured that we haven’t let the ball drop for a moment: we’ve been in touch with the new Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Policing Minister to make Bedfordshire Police’s bid as early as possible for a fair share of the new uplift of 20,000 officers that’s been promised nationally. Our voices are being heard as one concerning the need for Policing to have two entry routes for new Constables moving forward - both a degree programme, which the College of Policing is insisting on, and a non-degree route - not least as we cannot allow this to become a bottle neck, holding up the uplift in our front line.”

Chief Constable Garry Forsyth added “I am honoured to have the opportunity to build on the legacy of my predecessor Jon Boutcher and the Commissioner Kathryn Holloway. Having been part of the senior leadership of the force over the last two years I am very much looking forward to evolving the force to an even stronger position working with our excellent staff, communities and partners.

“Unsurprisingly at the top of my priorities will be continuing to ensure that we have the right level of funding for Bedfordshire so we can provide the services the public want and deserve, and that our officers and staff want to deliver.

“While it will not deliver all of the resource we know we need, I am encouraged by recent announcements of investment, but there will be lots of work to be done with many partners if the effect of this investment is to be properly felt by the public. We will need the infrastructure development and support of other public sector agencies and the whole criminal justice system in order to make the difference that I know the public want to see, but after spending the last nine years as a chief officer making savings from police budgets the difficulties of significantly growing our workforce are finally a nice problem to have.

“I have seen at first hand the benefits that can be achieved with the strong support of a determined PCC and this has been key to securing additional funding for the force and transforming how the force is perceived across the country. I very much look forward to continuing in this vein and I am excited at the start of my tenure for the future of our force and the county of Bedfordshire,” said the Chief Constable.

Both the PCC and Chief Constable Forsyth have been quick to launch their new working partnership side by side at various events this week.

"We have been out and about together, most recently last Sunday (28 July), at the annual Care of Police Survivors (COPS) Memorial Day for those who have lost their lives in police service. I don’t know who was more pleased that we didn’t have to weather the storms on a bicycle as one of Bedfordshire Police’s fantastic 18 commemorative cyclists who rode as part of the Unity Tour, which opens this event, all the way from our county to the National Memorial Arboretum in Burton on Trent!” said Commissioner Holloway.

“Garry and I get on incredibly well; we’ve proved that we are a strong working partnership over the past two years, while Garry has been the Deputy Chief Constable, and I’m completely certain that he is the right person in the right job to take Bedfordshire Police into an ever brighter future in the service of the public in this county.”