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As part of its commitment to work with - and learn more about - the voluntary and community organisations across the county, members of the Bedfordshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), took to the streets of Bedford with the town’s Street Angels on a cold Saturday night. 

The volunteer group patrol the streets of Bedford at the weekend between 10pm and 3am, to provide unconditional, non-judgemental support, and to offer help to those who find themselves vulnerable to crime or distress after a night on the town.

Along with her OPCC colleague - Katie Beaumont - Sam Denness saw first- hand the work of the Bedford Street Angels when they joined them on patrol:  “To be honest, prior to spending time with the Street Angels, we had little idea of exactly how far they’re prepared to go to help all those who go out in Bedford.

“We spent just one night with this fantastic group of people who are there week-in, week-out, and were amazed at exactly what they do.  We witnessed them helping various young men and women who were so intoxicated they had no idea how they were going to get home.  The Angels provided water, blankets, cups of coffee, supplied flip flops to those who had lost shoes or just couldn’t walk in them anymore, put people in taxis, and phoned friends and family to help ensure their safety.”

Bedford Street Angels originated after the tragic death of a young man, Robert Gill, who died in December 2007.  His adoptive parents approached the churches of the town to explore the possibility of forming a Street Angels project to support the vulnerable that access the night- time economy and to prevent a similar tragedy happening to others.

Bedford Street Angels volunteer throughout the year supporting extra events, working in partnership with various organisations including Bedfordshire Police.

Ms Denness continued:  “The Angels work in helping so many people in the town, as we saw on that busy night we were with them.  Our night in the company of these fantastic people who give up their own time every week was both humbling and inspiring, and an experience that  will stay with both Katie and I for a very long time.”