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Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Kathryn Holloway, congratulated community groups from across the county as their work was celebrated at the Community Cohesion Awards 2017.
The Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion Awards ceremony was attended by over 300 representatives of community groups, volunteers and members of the public from Bedfordshire.  The event acknowledged the work of those groups and individuals who help keep communities in the county safe.  The guests joined officers and staff from Bedfordshire Police and the Community Cohesion Team in celebrating achievements recognised in 21 award categories at the event held in Luton.

PCC Kathryn Holloway said: “These awards represent the true state of play in judging how well Bedfordshire Police connects with communities across neighbourhoods, faith and age groups.

“This was a remarkable event which demonstrated what the Force does best. People are telling me time and time again that their relationship with the police is better than in living memory and that the Cohesion Team is genuinely the glue holding the process together.”

The Community Cohesion Team is committed to embracing diversity and culture, protecting the most vulnerable communities, and breaking down barriers to engage with all communities. Chief Inspector Hob Hoque leads the Team – he commented: “I am tremendously proud of Bedfordshire’s communities and of my team. Together we work hard every day to keep our county safe and peaceful. All of the award winners are well-deserved and we are looking forward to continuing these strong relationships.

“I would also like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to our sponsors, and to our guests for their amazing generosity, as without their support this event would not have been possible.”

The 2017 Community Cohesion Awards were supported and sponsored by Garden Productions, The Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust, the University of Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Pictons Solicitors, Bartham Group, Nadeem’s Plaza and Vauxhall Motors.

Community Cohesion Awards 2017 winners:
• Mary Seacole Hosing Association received a Cohesion Charity Champions award
• The National Community Tension Team received an Advice Ambassadors award
• Ruki Heritage from UoB received an Educational Ambassador award
• Moulana Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti received a Critical Community Champion award
• Luton Mela and The Big Iftar Planning Team received an Event Inclusion Champions award
• Luton in Harmony was awarded with South Harmony Champions award
• Bedford as One received an Integration Champions award
• Luton Council of Faiths received a Inter Faith Champions award
• Mostaque Koyes received a Cohesion Networking Champion award 
• Queens Park Community Orchard received a North Harmony Champions award
• TOKKO and Victim Support received a Hate Crime Champions award
• Ashfaque Chowdhury received a Cohesion Ambassador award
• Peter Adams received a Mediation Champion award
• Mohammed Nadeem received a Cohesion Business Support Champion award
• The North Independent Advisory Group and the South Independent Advisory Group received a Scrutiny Champion awards
• Luton Town Football Club received a Cohesion Sport Champion award
• Kim Greig received a Projects Champion award
• Sandra Hayes received a Partnership Champion award
• Maureen Drummond received a Diversity Champion award
• Hillborough Junior School, Queens Park Academy and UK Centre for Carnival Arts received a Creativity Champion awards
• Montel Neufville was awarded in two categories as Stop Search Scrutiny Champion and Community Cohesion Choice Award