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About Kathryn

I am Kathryn Holloway and I have lived in Bedfordshire for 18 years. I am a former television presenter and reporter, best known for my work at breakfast station TV-am. I filed reports for ITN and fronted Sky News and LBC Radio’s news and current affairs programmes as well as writing for national newspapers. As a result I have covered the criminal justice system from close up, working alongside senior detectives and reporting on the court process from the Magistrates Court and Crown Court to the Old Bailey and Appeal Court.
From 2000 to the PCC election on May 5 2016, I was self-employed as a specialist in Crisis Communications and built an international reputation in the release of public information in an emergency. I was an Associate Director of the Cabinet Office’s Emergency Planning College for 8 years to 2008. I trained the Gold Commanders of the blue light services and advised Chief Constables and police forces in some of the UK’s highest profile crime stories, as well as the CEOs and boards of some of the UK’s largest companies, in breaking emergencies.
I believe Bedfordshire requires a hands-on passionate advocate as Police and Crime Commissioner to understand the challenges faced by our police and to help find practical solutions at a critical point for funding and staffing in the county. As a result I will spend as much time as possible out on the frontline with Bedfordshire Police, in the custody suites and cells, accompanying officers on emergency response patrols and in the Night Time Economy vans, policing the streets of Bedford, Luton and other towns and attending 999 events across the county. I have enormous respect for Bedfordshire’s officers whom I have witnessed facing violence, foul abuse, drunkenness and threats of false accusations of misconduct; with calm professionalism despite unprecedented pressures. I am aware, however, that some communities are less trusting of police than others and of the need to build bridges between the Force and the public and encourage all communities to play their part in helping the police to protect us all.
Police and Crime Commissioner Bedfordshire