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The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner will ensure that all information used in coming to a decision will be made accessible to local people through a variety of means. The means will be determined by where the decision lies on the sliding scale of public interest including:
  • Office of the PCC website - decision records and associated papers
  • Media releases
  • Leaflets, Social Media e.g. Twitter, Blogs
  • Web casts
  • Annual reports

The current Decision Making Policy can be found here.

The current Decision Log can be found here.

Most Recent Decisions

PCC/D/124 30/05/2018 2017/2018 Revenue, Capital & Treasury Management Outturn Report
PCC/D/125 22/05/2018 Substitute to the Chief of Staff when she is on annual leave - Kevin Vanterpool
PCC/D/126 05/06/2018 Ampthill Police Station Sale - Consultations - reducing price
PCC/D/127 25/05/2018 Sponsorship for national poster - Show Racism the Red Card
PCC/D/128 30/05/2018 £200 from the Bedfordshire Casualty Reduction Partnership to fund a prize for a motorcycle safety campaign.
PCC/D/129 28/06/2018 Legally Qualified Chair personal liability following misconduct hearings
PCC/D/130 12/07/2018 Evaluation of Vulnerable Adult Risk Assessment Model to be conducted by the Policing Institute for the Eastern Region - Anglian Ruskin University.
PCC/D/131 11/07/2018 Mental Health Senior Officers' Meeting
PCC/D/132 01/10/2018 PCC fully supports united front to improve custody conditions for female detainees.
PCC/D/133 01/10/2018 PCC funding 5k towards the post of ‘missing persons co-ordinator
PCC/D/134 09/10/2018 Appointment of Legally Qualified Chair
PCC/D/135 17/10/2018 Submission of 3 Bids –
1. Children Affected by Domestic Abuse  Requested: £947, 650
2. Early Intervention Bid 1 – Redthread Year One: £136,192, year Two, £322,615
3. Early Intervention Bid – St. Giles and others Year one £115,733 Year two £277,541
PCC/D/136 28/11/2018 Pre Application Approval Process - Commissioning
PCC/D/137 22/01/2019 Independent Members of Misconduct Panels - Reappointment
PCC/D/138 14/02/2019 Proposed Precept and Budget for Bedfordshire Police 2019-2020
PCC/D/139 29/03/2019 Commissioned Organisations for 2019/20
PCC/D/140 29/03/2019 Non Commissioned Organisations for 2019-2020
PCC/D/141 10/05/2019 Facebook - Live stream the Chief Constable Process
PCC/D/142 18/06/2019 To appoint Garry Forsythe as Chief Constable for Bedfordshire
PCC/D/143 08/07/2019 Sale of Police Houses