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VERU Grant Fund


The Police and Crime Commissioner and Bedfordshire Police have successfully been awarded grant funding as part of the Home Office Violence Reduction programme.  A £400,000 fund for projects to tackle serious violence and exploitation involving young people is now open.

The Bedfordshire Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit (VERU) has been established to create a network of different agencies and groups to tackle the root causes of things like gang membership and prevent young people becoming involved in all aspects of gang criminality and exploitation. PCC Holloway said “This fund will be used to provide early intervention and support programmes to those young people who could fall into criminal exploitation or criminal activity and divert them to a more stable lifestyle.”

Community groups are being encouraged to bid for funding for initiatives worth up to £20,000 who can work with young people and divert them away from violence.

Kimberley Lamb, head of the VERU, said: “Empowering grassroots communities and projects to help us protect young people from falling victim to criminal exploitation by organised crime is my absolute driving focus for this new unit. I want everyone to play their part in helping us tackle this, and I am delighted to be working with established partners such as the community safety partnerships and the youth offending service. But I want to ensure that voluntary organisations and grassroots groups also have a big say around the table in terms of how we tackle this.

If you have an idea you think could engage young people and help us put an end to violence and exploitation, we would love to hear from you.”
The VERU has already agreed to award a range of different statutory agencies £30,000 to deliver work in this area.

The grants will be awarded to the county’s three community safety partnerships, youth offending services, alternative provisions  and health providers.

Community funding bids can bid for between £5,000 and £15,000 for projects that will benefit a single area. Projects that would run countywide are eligible to bid for up to £20,000.

Projects must address the key aims and objectives of the VERU, such as…

  • Educating and preventing young people from getting involved in serious violence, such as work in schools
  • Increase engagement and resilience to violence among hard to reach and marginalised communities
  • Changing attitudes and perceptions around violence and victims of crime

The deadline for applications is November 10th, decision to be made by 15th November.  All the projects must be delivered by March 31st.
The selection process will be carried out by a Panel of key stakeholders, to include young people.

For more information contact:

Twitter Account: @BedsVeru


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Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner's Grant Fund

 The Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) Grant Fund is now closed.
The Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) Grant Fund seeks to support organisations and projects whose work helps to prevent offending, protect communities and support victims of crime to cope, recover and move forward.
For the financial year 2020/21 the OPCC will be seeking bids on the following projects:


1. Early Intervention for young people with a focus on drivers of crime such as drugs. The commissioner is looking for multiple bids of up to £15,000 per project and the bid is either co funded or jointly bid for with other contributing organisations.

A: For local community members, community groups, Councils to inform the OPCC of relevant hot spots where they would like intervention activity to take place.
B: an organisation or group to supply that intervention

2. Domestic Abuse

A: Bids need to be for both male and female victims as well as covering Pan Bedfordshire. The Commissioner is looking for co funded bids and joint working.
The OPCC will be issuing continuous funding in the following areas:
Victim Services
Victims of Sexual Assault Offences
Restorative Justice
Child Sexual Exploitation
Youth Offending Services
Community Watches
Mental Health Service
Offender Management
Family Drug and Alcohol Court
Counselling services
Children and parent support after exploitation
Bids for funding will be assessed against the following key criteria:
Compliance with the EU Victims Directive - services must be free of charge,  confidential, non-discriminatory (including being available to all regardless of residence status, nationality or citizenship), available whether or not a crime has been reported to the police, and available before, during and - for an appropriate time, after any investigation or criminal proceedings.

An ability to demonstrate innovative and collaborative working across the county of Bedfordshire.

An ability to comply with and meet the monitoring requirements, as agreed with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Further details available in the guidance documents

If you require any further assistance please email the Commissioning Team:

The OPCC is holding a Partnership Event on 10th December 2019 to book free tickets for this event please use the following link:

Calendar Applications Opening
Calendar Reporting Schedules
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Grant Fund Application Guidence - Early Intervention


Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner's Grant Fund

The application process for the PCC's Grant Fund is now closed.


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