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Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner's Grant Fund 2018/19

The application process for the PCC's Grant Fund has now closed. The commissioning process will begin again late 2018.

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC's) Grant Fund seeks to support organisations and projects whose work helps to prevent offending, protect communities and support victims of crime to cope, recover and move forward.

The Grant Fund will be created by combining a grant from the Ministry of Justice and funding taken from the Bedfordshire Police Force budget.  This will create a single, flexible and accessible grant opportunity that promotes innovative and collaborative working across Bedfordshire. 

The total funds available for 2018/19 are expected to be finalised in March 2018.

To ensure organisations have sufficient time to prepare bids for 2018/19, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is now encouraging applications from projects which support cross-cutting themes within the PCC’s Police and Crime Plan.  These include activities to protect the vulnerable, tackle hidden harm and crime prevention, with a particular emphasis on the following key areas:

· Violence Against Women and Girls – for example; domestic abuse, serious sexual violence, or female genital mutilation
· Youth at risk – for example; trauma reduction, child sexual exploitation, gang related violence and bullying and early intervention to improve life chances
· New or innovative projects – for example; work linked to cyber-crime, work with the elderly, human trafficking, modern day slavery, new crime trends, work with emerging hard-to-reach or hidden victims
· Capacity building to improve strength and resilience in the sector – for example; multi-agency training, partnership development and sustainability.

It is a priority of the PCC to reduce demand on the police and improve confidence in the police whenever possible and these priorities must be shown as cross-cutting themes in all applications submitted.

We therefore welcome bids that work to protect the most vulnerable from victimisation and re-victimisation and to deter those at risk of offending using evidence based approaches.

All projects will be subject to the reporting and assurance measures, as set out in the accompanying guidance documents.

To receive funding, projects will need to meet all delivery targets as specified with any grant agreement.

To meet the needs of all victims and to encourage variety, innovation and efficiency, organisations and projects are invited to make applications within the following funding bands:
• £0 - £1,999
£2,000 - £9,999
• £10,000 - £19,999
• £20,000 - £49,999
• £50,000 +

The application forms and reporting requirements for those seeking less than £2,000 differ from those seeking £2,000 or more.  Applicants are therefore encouraged to review the requirements in the accompanying guidance documents.     

Bids for funding will be assessed against the following key criteria:
· Compliance with the EU Victims Directive - services must be free of charge,  confidential, non-discriminatory (including being available to all regardless of residence status, nationality or citizenship), available whether or not a crime has been reported to the police, and available before, during and - for an appropriate time, after any investigation or criminal proceedings
· An ability to spend in 2018/19 -  all bids for funding from the PCC Grant Fund will need to demonstrate that the organisation or partnership will be able to spend monies awarded within the 2018/19 financial year - 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019
· An ability to demonstrate innovative and collaborative working across the county of Bedfordshire
· An ability to comply with and meet the monitoring requirements, as agreed with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

The following timeline is to give you time to plan your funding application:

Commissioning Panels

As part of the application process, a number of organisations will be invited to present at a Commissioning Panel (a friendly version of ‘Dragon’s Den’). The Panels are an opportunity for applicants to explain their project and outline what they want to achieve for the funding they have requested.

To promote fairness, innovation and engagement, members of the Panel have been selected from a wide range of backgrounds who have knowledge, skills and experiences in the priority areas. Please note, a young person or victim may be on the Commissioning Panel, but if that should be the case, you will be notified in advance of this.  

The application process for the PCC's Grant Fund has now closed. The commissioning process will begin again late 2018.