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About the trust

The Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust was launched as a Registered Charity on 16th September 1997, with the key aim to engage with partners from the business community in Bedfordshire, to enhance Community Safety across the county.
In January 2013 the Partnership celebrated it’s 15th anniversary, with a Community Safety event held at Millbrook Proving Ground. Over 200 delegates attended to recognise the significant achievements and impact of the Charity.
The Charity in it’s early years operated a Driver Awareness Programme and Grant Programme. In 1999 the flagship of the Partnership was launched, in the form of the Bobby Van, a Home Security scheme for elderly and vulnerable victims of crime.
The Bobby Scheme and Grant Programme are still at the heart of the Charity’s work, although the Driver Training Programme was closed in 2013 as a result of improvements in Government Road Safety Training.
The Charitable status allows any community group to make applications for funding, for initiatives that have the potential to improve the quality of life of communities in Bedfordshire – such as crime prevention, road safety and drugs awareness projects.
Partnership funding can be made available to any community based group in Bedfordshire, which can demonstrate support from the local Police. Examples must be able to demonstrate a clear need for the Grant which improves Community Safety, in respect of Crime Prevention or awareness to the public. Over 500 community based grants have been awarded since the Partnership commenced.
The Bobby Scheme supports elderly and vulnerable victims of Crime, in improving their Home Security. This is a free service, and in the last 15 years over 20,000 households have received a visit from the Scheme.
The Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust charitable status was a unique concept in 1997, and considered by the Police Authority and Bedfordshire Police to be the most effective way of developing sponsorship in the county. With a legacy of over 15 years operation, this vision has proved to be right.
The formation of the Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust was a long-term initiative which has provided finance for a whole range of community projects, secured countless people’s homes and made our roads safer. Over the last 15yrs the Partnership has had a tangible impact of improving the relationship and communication between the police, business and industry in the county.

The principal aims of the Partnership Trust are:

  1. To improve the quality of life of all communities in Bedfordshire, especially the more vulnerable groups. 
  2. To support community based initiatives such as crime prevention, community safety, drug awareness, schools liaison, road safety and accident prevention. 
  3. To offer the business community a way of supporting and working with their local police in tackling the important issues of maintaining a safe and happy environment for their customers and staff.

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Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust 
Bedfordshire Police Headquarters
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Charity No: 1064403

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