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PCC launches consultation on change to precept to boost the frontline

As you may be aware I have consistently informed those in the highest position in our Government and the public in Bedfordshire that the level of funding and, therefore, police officers we have in Bedfordshire Police are far too low for the level and type of demand we face in protecting the public. The Chief Constable is operating with approximately 380 less officers than he needs. To address this balance, I am consulting with you to understand whether or not you would be prepared to contribute an extra £2 per month through your Council Tax to increase the number of officers the Chief Constable would have to police Bedfordshire and create further capacity in his ability to protect the public of Bedfordshire. I intend to fund recruitment of 160 officers in 2019/20 with these funds.  

I appreciate your time and consideration regarding this issue and look forward to receiving your response.

Kathryn Holloway

The survey is now closed and the results will be collated and presented to the Police and Crime Panel on 5 February 2019 which is the authoritative body which holds the Police and Crime Commissioner to account.

PCC Survey Results 2018
We recently conducted a pan Bedfordshire survey and wanted to share the headline results with you. Overall:

  1. A total of 1812 residents of Bedfordshire answered the survey.
  2. The majority of respondents 62%, would like to see a more visible return to policing and to ensure that police are there when they need them.
  3. In future we will need to ensure that we have a larger view from 16-24 year olds as they only make up 5% of respondents views in the survey.
  4. We have had a 10% overall response from BME residents.
  5. The survey also had the largest number of respondents from residents in Central Bedfordshire.


  1. Burglary and ASB are the two crime types that people feel most affects them in their local area. When asked ‘other’ the most frequent concerns were speeding and dangerous driving. This could explain why only 54% of respondents felt safe or very safe in the area that they live.


  1. Unfortunately, 62% of respondents were unaware of the police stations and hubs within Bedfordshire as a result 62% of respondents have not used the current stations. This will require more force comms, worth noting that 48% prefer to be emailed directly as a form of correspondence.
  2. 28% (482) of residents have been a victim of crime within the last 3 years. However additional comments do show that those close to victims also feel affected. A majority of victims actually reported the crime, although many comments that followed, reflected the theme of having little trust that anything would be done.
  3. Only 31% (159) were referred to Victims Services and 41% indicated they were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. 55% of respondents said they would not want to report or felt unsure about reporting crimes on line. A high majority wanted to be able to talk to someone directly and have assistance from the new Signpost Hub to talk or report to the police. Respondents also felt that having assistance going through the court process and beyond would be key services they would like from Signpost.
Community Resolution
  1. Positively, 60% would like to see community resolutions being used. There is still a great need to explain what this will look like and what it will mean to the public and victims. The public would like to see reparation resolutions.
  2. The majority of recommendations that came as a direct result of the Survey were focussed on how Bedfordshire Police communicates and engages with the public. These recommendations were researched and put to Bedfordshire Police by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner at Strategic Board (the meeting where the PCC holds the Force to account) and will be monitored through the Force Communications plan.
For more details on the results of the survey please click here.

The Police and Crime Panel has agreed the Precept increase - 14 February 2019