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Bedfordshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner – Kathryn Holloway, has launched her Grant Funds for 2017/18 to encourage projects which protect the vulnerable, tackle hidden harm and prevent crime, and wants to offer funds for three years at a time.
The PCC’s Grant Fund works in conjunction with the Commissioner’s Police & Crime Plan, and assists organisations and projects who help to prevent offending, protect communities and support victims of crime to cope, recover and move forward.
Announcing the launch of the Grant Fund application process Commissioner Holloway said:  "I promised to give the earliest possible notice of what I'm looking to fund at an event held for all our charitable and other partners in December. I'm now keeping that promise to get the best possible deal for victims across the county and to intervene to stop reoffending wherever possible.
"I want those wanting to apply for funds to know exactly what I'm looking for to prepare the best possible cases. I also want to give much greater security to projects than funding them for a single year at a time. Both my office and partners have to spend time every single year going through the same application process when it could be done once for the next three years."
Commissioner Holloway had outlined the planned process of allocating funding to would-be applicants at a partnership and community meeting held at Marston Moretaine, on 1 December 2016.
The PCC Grant Fund is created by combining a grant from the Ministry of Justice and funding taken from the Bedfordshire Police Force budget.  This will create a single, flexible and accessible grant opportunity that promotes innovative and collaborative working across Bedfordshire. 
The OPCC is encouraging applications from projects which that are looking to protect the vulnerable, tackle hidden harm and prevent crime, with a particular emphasis on the following key areas:

  • Violence Against Women and Girls, for example - Domestic Abuse, Serious Sexual Violence and Female Genital Mutilation

  • Youth at risk, for example - trauma reduction, Child Sexual Exploitation, gang related violence and bullying

  • New or innovative projects, for example - work linked to Cyber-Crime, work with the elderly, Human Trafficking, Modern Day Slavery, new crime trends, work with emerging hard-to-reach and hidden victims

  • Capacity building to improve strength and resilience in the sector for example - multi-agency training, partnership development and sustainability
    The OPCC works closely with its partners in order to understand the wants and needs of the victim and improving services of the future.  It is holding a series of workshops throughout 2017, inviting stakeholders and victims of crime to consult on the co-design and co-development of a future integrated service.
    Applications for the PCC’s Grant Fund 2017/18 close on 17 February, 2017.  More information regarding how to apply by going to the website: