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Bedfordshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner – Kathryn Holloway - held an event today with those controlling the purse strings for community safety and victim support to try to get money working in a joined-up way across the whole of the public sector in the county.

The Innovate, Collaborate, Enhance ‘ICE Summit’ was arranged in collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire, and was held at the Putteridge Bury Campus, Luton.  The event was organised in response to feedback received from Victim’s Service providers who attended the Office of Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC) Victims Day held in December 2016.

Commissioner Holloway said: “It’s become absolutely obvious to me, after nearly a year in this role, that if all of us feel the benefit, we should all be putting our hands in our pockets to fund the service. For example, driving down domestic violence or drug and alcohol rehabilitation not only works to reduce demand on policing but on all the agencies that come into contact with offenders, like the health service and local councils.

“I want organisations to work in a much more joined up way. It’s all your money as taxpayers at the end of the day and it shouldn’t be about a merry-go-round of who’s got their grant fund open – of which mine is just one. We should all be talking about co-commissioning with a funding calendar for the year and avoiding gaps and duplication by talking opening to one another about the applications as my office has already been doing with the former probation service – now the Community Rehabilitation Company.”

The Commissioner’s aim is to get all those with the budgets to pay for services to protect the community or support victims to not only work to back some of the projects together which have been brought to her as PCC in her recent grants’ commissioning round, but to meet at least quarterly to share information and agree joint aims to coordinate action to tackle the problems of gangs, domestic abuse and addiction in a one-county approach.

The ICE Summit was also held to allow the OPCC to listen to partners, and provide space for commissioners to find opportunities to fund and support robust and sustainable projects and services in Bedfordshire.

As a result of today’s Summit a steering group will be formed to look at, and scope for, enhanced funding bids to international and national bodies.

The event also enabled commissioning bodies the chance to explore ways of working together, prioritise and map the services environment, and establish a year commissioning calendar for Bedfordshire that reflects timetables for funding bidding and supports charities and others to efficiently manage their time and resources.