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Fifth Year plan for the Bedfordshire OPCC

Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Kathryn Holloway, is to stay as the county’s PCC for a further year after elections for her successor were suspended for 12 months due to the coronavirus but has said she will do so as a Caretaker PCC since there will be no democratic mandate for any PCC after May 7, when elections were due to have taken place.
Commissioner Holloway made the announcement today (19 March 2020) as she released what had been intended as an End of Term Report to detail the transformation of the Force which she has presided over since becoming its PCC in May 2016.
As a Caretaker PCC, Commissioner Holloway will ensure that: -
* All possible assistance that can be provided to communities by her office will be delivered, which will now include a £60,000 fund to provide alternative accommodation for victims of Domestic Abuse, which is expected to rise due to enforced home isolation as a result of the coronavirus, Covid 19.
* The Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust which the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) now oversees will be utilised to support victims during this pandemic
* Grants commissioning for Victim Support and Community Safety continues and all grants so far will be subject to ongoing scrutiny to ensure they deliver as promised and within the year.
* The last grant funding will now be open for bids as Commissioner Holloway had kept money back for her successor to allocate after May. This will be used to provide services during the pandemic.
* The PCC’s governance and scrutiny of policing continues unabated but will be remotely delivered - including, in PCC Holloway’s case, at least weekly teleconferences with the Chief and Deputy Chief Constables, a monthly publicly minuted Strategic Governance Board with the Bedfordshire Police Executive team, bi-monthly Strategic Alliance Conferences with Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire Police, chairing quarterly conferences in relation to the region’s Counter Terrorism and Serious Organised Crime policing and attending quarterly conferences with the Chiefs and PCCs of Bedfordshire’s Eastern region forces, by teleconference. The OPCC will also be represented at operational performance meetings concerning the Joint Protective Services provided to Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire Police under the leadership of Bedfordshire Police (including the Major Crime Unit, Roads Policing, Firearms Policing, the Dogs Unit, forensic Scientific Services, Civil Contingencies Planning and Operational Support).
* The PCC will continue to oversee the £122.1m budget that she has secured for Bedfordshire Police for the year and she will set the police share of council tax - the police precept - for the next year.
* Bedfordshire will continue to be represented by Commissioner Holloway at the national Counter Terror Strategic Collaboration Board.
* She will continue to report to the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Panel who hold her to account.
* The OPCC will continue to chair the Bedfordshire Criminal Justice Board and Victims Board remotely from July, but will take the gold meetings during the pandemic.
* The build of replacement custody facilities at Kempston police HQ will continue, dependent on coronavirus arrangements.
*  The process to finalise outline planning permission for the defunct Greyfriars Police Station in Bedford will continue, as long as the planning committee sits or is able to make decisions, and the sale will be considered against the prevailing economic position.
* A refurbishment programme to improve officer and staff working facilities, led by the PCC personally, will resume as soon as practically possible.




Kathryn Holloway's Police and Crime Plan (May 2016 - May 2020)

Police and Crime Plan May 2016 -May 2020
The 2016-2020 Police and Crime Plan represented the strategic direction Kathryn Holloway set for Bedfordshire Police over the course of her four year term in office. It explained the priorities which she established, having listened to communities from throughout the county of 644,000 residents during her Police and Crime Commissioner Election Campaign.

It has been for the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police, Garry Forsyth, his top tier team and the Force as a whole to deliver on the priorities set during the PCC's four-year term to follow this direction of travel to its ultimate destination; greater confidence in Bedfordshire Police and the service provided to the public.

The Plan was designed to be accessible to all. It suggested common sense, practical, achievable and affordable solutions to Bedfordshire’s policing challenges. It aimed to be the opposite of a complex business or technical manual, with impenetrable data.

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