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Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Victim and Witnesses Experience Survey 2022

Victims’ views of the Criminal Justice System 

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Your Criminal Justice Board is keen to learn from victims of crime including witnesses who have attended court their experiences of the Criminal Justice System and are especially keen to understand how the Code of Practice for Victims of crime has been applied to enhance your experience.

By sharing your feedback, the Criminal Justice Boards can work to ensure future victims receive the support and justice outcomes they need. The Criminal Justice Board would like to hear from anyone who has been a victim of a crime and/or reported a crime in the last two years, so from 2019 onwards. (If you have been a victim of more than one crime in the last two years, please answer all questions based on the most serious crime, or the crime that had the greatest impact on you).

The Criminal Justice Board are keen to hear from everyone who wants to complete this survey, including parents or carers of children who have been a victim.

If you support someone who has been a victim who would like to respond but can’t do so because of language, age, lack of internet access or other barriers, please feel free to fill in the survey with them (or in the case of children, for them). 

Police Precept Survey 2022 

The Police Precept Survey for 2022 is now closed – read the press release here.