Specified Information Order

Statement prior to Police and Crime Plan

Police and Crime Commissioner statement prior to the Launch of the Police and Crime Plan on the 18th August 2021.


The PCC, Festus Akinbusoye attended the Police and Crime Panel (PCP) meeting on the 8th June 2021.  The purpose of the Police and Crime Panel is to oversee, challenge and support the work of the PCC.

The Commissioner was welcomed to the Panel before sharing his early ideas of the Police and Crime Plan, launching in August 2021.  The Police and Crime Plan sets out the Commissioner and the OPCC team’s strategic objectives for Bedfordshire. He outlined his vision for the forthcoming three years based on his election manifesto.

As part of his pledge of transparency the PCC would like to share these ideas with the public at this stage and an official public consultation will start in July where members of the public will be invited to give input and feedback towards the Police and Crime Plan. 

This is the Commissioner’s vision and once the OPCC have consulted with the public we will share the full detail, including priorities that sit under each of the points below.

The PCC’s initial ideas presented to the Police and Crime Panel:

  1. Supporting the community to have trust and confidence in Bedfordshire Police
  2. Representing the voice of the public to Bedfordshire Police and the Criminal Justice System
  3. Creating a perpetrator focus for crime reduction
  4. Ensuring appropriate resources for those affected by crime
  5. Establishing a Financial future for Bedfordshire Police
  6. Ensuring the Effectiveness and Efficiency of our Police Service
  7. Supporting the National Picture for policing and justice

The Commissioner has been spending lots of time out in the community by visiting partners, members of the public and Bedfordshire Police officers and staff as part of his weekly engagement schedule and this has proved beneficial in aiding research for the Police and Crime Plan.

The plan emphasises the Commissioners pledges:

  • Invest to bring back community-based policing for both our urban and rural communities
  • Tackle drug dealing, antisocial behaviour and the causes of these crimes
  • Support law-abiding citizens’ rights to a peaceful life in our county and put victims’ needs first
  • Lead a multi-agency approach to early intervention and tackling re-offending
  • Lead an open and transparent policing area.