Website Compliance / Accessibility

What Is Web Accessibility?

From a broad perspective, an accessible website is one that is readily available and comprehensible to any user regardless of their device, situation, or ability. Web accessibility encompasses any tool or technology used to access the internet and digital products.

Although internet technology was designed to remove many barriers and obstacles to communicating and interacting with the world, certain issues can get in the way of this ideal. For example, people with disabilities such as blindness or hearing loss can have some trouble interacting with a site if there aren’t adequate enhancements built-in.

Like everyone else, these people have a basic right to interact with and contribute to the web, as well as to perceive information through a variety of digital devices. Therefore, accessibility is considered an essential part of any site or application.

It is important to note that accessibility can benefit even those without disabilities. For example, older people tend to have difficulty reading small fonts. You may also have users with small screens, slow internet connections, or ‘temporary disabilities’ such as lost glasses. You’ll also need to account for ‘situational limitations’ like a noisy environment.

So How Are We Addressing This Issue?

The OPCC has commisioned the use of the RECITEME tool, which will enable our readers to interact with this website as they would expect to; However, in the event that there is still an area of this website to which you cannot access, read or understand, then please get in contact with us.