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Family Court support
  • Face to face or remote counselling for individuals and/or their families
  • Support for particular groups such as Disabled, LGBT victims or those from Black and Minority Ethnic community groups.
    “It’s very important to me that these funds are available to help all victims of Domestic Abuse, whatever their gender or cultural background or whether or not they have a disability. Nobody should have to suffer in silence, imprisoned in the very place where they have every right to feel safest; within their own homes,” said Commissioner Holloway.
    Below is an outline of the process for the funding:
    21/05/2020 Bedfordshire OPCC launches application process
    05/06/2020 Application process closes. Applications sent after 9am will not be reviewed
    11/06/2020 OPCC must provide assurance documentation to MoJ (Ministry of Justice)
    16/06/2020 MoJ will issue grant agreements to OPCCs
    19/06/2020 OPCCs must return signed grant agreement to MoJ
    25/06/2020 OPCCs will receive payment and will issue agreed funds to successful applicants.

    For more information and to download the application form, please visit the OPCC website ( Applications will need to be sent to the OPCC via email to by 9am on Friday 5 June 2020.

    **Please note, we are aware of issues with the MoJ applications forms. Some boxes have drop down options only. You should be able to still type in that box, but if you experience difficulties, please type in the box in the next column and your appplication will still be considered.**

    ***UPDATE FRIDAY 29 JUNE*** -

    There have been ongoing talks with the MoJ, in relation to the deadline of 1st June 2020, for applications to the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Funds. We have just received notification that the deadline has been changed to allow more time for agencies to work on and submit bids. The new deadline is 9am Friday 5 June 2020. If you have already applied, we understand you may now want to use this additional time to work further on your application. If you intend to do this, please include **Resubmission** in the subject title of your email when sending your bid, to ensure the correct bid is reviewed for your organisation.

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    Police and
    Crime Commissioner

    The job of the Police and Crime Commissioner is to be the public's voice when it comes to policing Bedfordshire, setting your priorities for the Chief Constable and Force to deliver in a strategic plan and holding the Chief Constable to account.

    I am responsible for directing the spending of the £100M budget and for supporting the Victims of Crime and increasing your security as a result of the grants I distribute to partner agencies through the Community Safety and Victim Support funds.

    You can find out more about me, Kathryn Holloway, and my plan in the sections K Holloway and Police and Crime Plan above.

    Bedfordshire's Police and
    Crime Plan

    My Police and Crime Plan sets the strategy for the Chief Constable and Force over the next year. My key aims are:-

    1. A return of more visible Community Policing across the County.
    2. To re-build public confidence in Bedfordshire Police.
    3. To ensure that the police are available when we need them most.
    4. To put victims at the centre of the way we police and prosecute.
    5. A fair deal on policing wherever you live - in the town or country.
    6. Protecting the police to protect the public with a proper duty of care.
    7. Genuinely being a Commissioner for all communities.
    8. Working with partners to break the cycle of serial offending and to prevent crime where possible.

    How to help the police
    to help the public

    There are many ways in which you can get involved in my Plan and delivering better security to your community.

    You can comment on the Police and Crime plan here.

    You can volunteer to take part in Streetwatch, Speedwatch and Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

    You can sign up for Beds Alert to get information about crime and policing in your area.

    You can learn about preventing radicalisation through the Let's Talk About it programme.

    You could become an Independent Custody Visitor.

    You could join us as a Special Constable.
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