The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner will ensure that all information used in coming to a decision will be made accessible to local people through a variety of means. The means will be determined by where the decision lies on the sliding scale of public interest including: 

  • Office of the PCC website – decision records and associated papers
  • Media releases
  • Leaflets, Social Media e.g. Twitter, Blogs
  • Web casts
  • Annual reports

The current Decision Making Policy can be found here.

The previous Decision Log can be found here

Archived Decisions 2016-2021

Decisions Logs (Archived)

Current Decisions Log – 2021 – 2024

Decision NumberDate TakenOutline of Decision
PCC/D/00110/05/2021Incoming PCC – Decisions made before the Oath
PCC/D/00213/05/2021Festus Akinbusoye – The Oath
PCC/D/00303/06/2021Electronic Signature to be used during Covid-19
PCC/D/00421/05/2021Retraction of notice to offer funds to an organisation
PCC/D/00503/06/2021Cyber Van Funding – CTC Fund Bedfordshire Police
PCC/D/00611/06/2021Force and OPCC Local Policing and Action Days 
PCC/D/00726/05/20217 Force Waste Management & Recycling Services – Contract Signing & Sealing Request
PCC/D/00823/06/2021Revised S.22 JPS Agreement – Dissolution of CTP&P
PCC/D/00906/07/2021Request for Sealing – Provision of Forensic Analysis Services under The Next Generation Forensic Framework Agreement
PCC/D/01015/06/2021The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) 
PCC/D/01109/07/2021The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) 
PCC/D/01214/07/20217 Force Grounds Maintenance Services – Contract Signing 
PCC/D/01322/07/2021The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) 
PCC/D/01411/08/2021The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) 
PCC/D/01507/09/2021Commissioning services via Community Safety Fund – Allocation of Funds 
PCC/D/01607/09/2021The appointment of an Independent Member 
PCC/D/01715/09/2021Information Schedule
PCC/D/01806/10/2021Request for PCC Signature – MOU College Run Recruit Online Assessment Process (College of Policing)
PCC/D/01925/10/2021The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) and Independent Member
PCC/D/02001/11/2021Estates – OPCC update
PCC/D/02101/11/2021Appointment of Governance and Strategy Advisor – Anna Vilette
PCC/D/02224/11/2021100 Day Report – Decisions Made
PCC/D/02325/11/2021Police and Crime Plan Launched – 18th August 2021 
PCC/D/02425/11/2021Changing Name from Strategic Board to Delivery and Beating Crime Board
PCC/D/02525/11/2021Signpost being renamed to Bedfordshire Victim Care Services
PCC/D/02625/11/2021The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) 
PCC/D/02711/11/2021Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)
PCC/D/02811/11/20217 Force Network 
PCC/D/02929/11/2021PWLB Borrowing – Bedfordshire Police
PCC/D/03015/12/2021Appointment of Police Appeals Tribunal Chair – PAT
PCC/D/03113/11/2021Appointment of Interim Chief Executive – Anna  Villette 
PCC/D/03213/11/2021Halt – Commissioning Process
PCC/D/03310/01/2022Review of Bedfordshire Victim Care Services (formally known as Signpost)
PCC/D/03424/09/2022Community Hub Proposal
PCC/D/03502/02/2022Roads Fund – Part Two 
PCC/D/03610/02/2022Mental Health Triage – Force Control Room Funding
PCC/D/03704/03/2022Funded Services 2022 – 2023 
PCC/D/03808/04/2022Contract extension of the Interim Chief Executive and the Chief Finance Officer
PCC/D/03908/04/2022Appointment of a firm to support the OPCC with HR and Legal matters and the intention to appoint a firm via the Crown Commercial Services Framework to support the OPCC with Estates Work. 
PCC/D/04021/04/2022Amendment to decision paper ‘Funded Services – 2022 – 2023’ (PCC/D/037)
PCC/D/04111/05/2022The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) 
PCC/D/04213/05/2022Safer Streets 4 Secondary Home Office Bid
PCC/D/04313/05/2022Safer Streets 4 Primary Home Office Bid
PCC/D/04424/05/2022Minutes for OPCC meetings
PCC/D/04527/06/2022Funded Organisations – Ministry of Justice ISVA, IDVA, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Ring Fenced Funding 
PCC/D/04604/07/2022The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) 
PCC/D/04713/07/2022The appointment of an Independent Member 
PCC/D/04829/07/2022The appointment of an Independent Member 
PCC/D/04901/08/2022The appointment of an LQC (Legally Qualified Chair) 
PCC/D/05028/07/2022Safer Streets 4 Primary Home Office Bid Outcome
PCC/D/05128/07/2022Safer Streets 4 Secondary Home Office Bid Outcome
PCC/D/05210/08/2022The appointment of an Independent Member 
**This list is incomplete whilst dates are sought.

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