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Police Appeals Tribunal

Police Appeals Tribunal

To improve openness and accountability in policing and ensure public confidence, Police Appeal Tribunals involving police officers are now held in public.  In circumstances where this is not appropriate, or where certain parts of the tribunal need to be in private, adequate notice will be given and the reasons why will be explained.

Police Appeals Tribunals (PATs) hear appeals against the findings of gross misconduct brought by police officers or special constables. PATs are currently governed by Police Appeals Tribunal Rules 2020. Members of the public can attend appeal hearings as observers but are not allowed to participate in proceedings. The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire is responsible for appointing the chair to conduct the proceedings.

An officer may appeal from a misconduct hearing held under the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2020 and the Police (Performance) Regulations 2020.

Appeals related to decisions which have been made under the previous versions of these Regulations will be dealt with under the Police Appeals Tribunals Rules 2012.

The Police Appeals Tribunal Rules 2020 and the Home Office – Statutory Guidance on Professional Standards, Performance and Integrity in Policing at Chapter 26 set out clearly the circumstances in which an appeal may be brought and how the appeals should be progressed. A Police and Crime Commissioner has important procedural and administrative functions to discharge to enable the effective and efficient disposal of appeals. In the event of an appeal the Police and Crime Commissioner must ensure that they adhere closely to the legislation and guidance.


If you would like to attend a scheduled Police Appeals Tribunal then please email or telephone 01234 842066 with the following details as below:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Organisation
  • Contact telephone number

You need to pre-register at least two working days before the Tribunal hearing and agree to the conditions of entry.

Conditions of attendance to the Police Appeals Tribunal

  • You must confirm your identity before entry will be allowed. Please produce photographic identification to allow verification of your identity.
  • You must sign in and out of Force Headquarters and wear a visitor badge; please do not leave the premises without signing out. 
  • Toilet facilities and a water machine will be made available for you. There are no refreshment facilities on site.
  • No recording equipment; photographic or audio are allowed in the proceedings.
  • Mobile telephones/devices must be turned off during the proceedings.
  • No social media report is allowed whilst the evidence is being presented.
  • Please do not leave the room or enter the room until there is a break in proceedings.
  • You must remain in the designated area when the hearing is not in progress and must consult with your chaperones if you have any queries.
  • You must not disrupt the proceedings; your entry is as an observer only. Any disruption to proceedings may result in you being asked to leave and/or escorted from the premises.

Police Appeals Tribunal - Condition of Entry

Please use the following link to view the conditions of entry to Police Appeals Tribunals.

You also need to bring valid photographic identification to gain access to Bedfordshire Police Headquarters.

Bedfordshire Police Headquarters is not generally open to the public, therefore, for security reasons, anyone wishing to attend the hearing will need to abide by a small number of conditions (unfortunately, if you don’t pre-register and agreed to these conditions of entry you won’t be allowed to attend the tribunal).

These conditions are set out for a number of reasons; including ensuring fairness during the proceedings to all parties, but also to ensure your safety whilst on police premises, and the safety of others.

The Chair may impose other conditions before or at the hearing at his/her discretion.  The Chair may also order the removal of people who disrupt the hearing in any way.

Selection of Misconduct Panels and Police Appeals Tribunals

The below PDF document details information regarding the selection of Misconduct Panels and Police Appeals Tribunals. 

The Police and Crime Commissioners for the region have all agreed to publish this document on their websites so that their approach to appointment of misconduct panels and police appeals tribunals can be seen to be fair and transparent.


No current notices. 

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