Financial Information

We think it is important to be as open as possible about the way we manage the budget. This is why we will be publishing comprehensive information on expenditure, resources and decisions at the earliest opportunity to get the latest updates.

Capital and Treasury Strategy 2020 – 2021 – including Investment Strategy


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Annual Audits


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Treasury Management and Capital Programme Information

Budget Information – 2019-2020

Appendix A Prudential Indicators

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Budget Monitoring Report Oct 2020

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Revenue 2019-2020 Appendix A

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Revenue 2019-2020- Appendix B

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Revenue 2019-2020 Appendix C

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Revenue 2019-2020 - Appendix D

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Appendix A(CP)

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Appendix B (CP)

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Appendix C (CP)

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Quick Access to Information

Details of expenditure over £500 can be found here 

Bedfordshire Police – Statement of Accounts Click Here

Publishing Allowances

Under paragraph 1(d) of the Schedule to the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are required to publish the allowances paid to them and to their deputies in respect of expenses incurred by the Commissioner or Deputy in the exercise of the Commissioner’s functions.

PCCs and their deputies should publish a breakdown of their expenses including:

Their name, Force area, financial year, month, date, claim reference numbers, expense type (e.g. travel, accommodation), a short description of details, amount claimed, amount reimbursed, amount not reimbursed and the reason why a claim was not reimbursed.

For travel and subsistence claims: date, place of origin, place of destination, category of journey, class of travel, mileage, length of hotel stay and category of hotel stay.

Expenses are published here.


“Senior Employee” means a member of the staff of an elected local policing body whose salary exceeds £58,200

Police and Crime Commissioners salaries are based on the size of the population in their area. Festus Akinbusoye’s annual salary is £71,400.

The Chief of Staff’s Salary is £ 78,000 pro rata.

Budget and Precept Reports