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Meet Umme Ali

Umme Ali was appointed at the start of June 2024 as the new Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, and confirmed by the Police and Crime Panel. 

In this role, Umme supports the PCC to develop strategies to reduce violence against women and children, which forms a vital part of the commissioner’s police and crime plan. 

Umme is a champion for victims and and ensures that they are put at the heart of policing and the wider criminal justice system.

As well as acting as DPCC, Umme is a local councillor representing High Town ward in Luton and serves on the council’s Cabinet as the portfolio holder for Children’s Services.

She has vast experience in multi-agency working, she serves as a trustee at Luton Foodbank and Luton Citizen’s Advice Bureau and in her role as a councillor has worked closely with the police to address serious crime related concerns. Umme was born and has lived in Bedfordshire all her life, and professionally she works as a Specialist Paediatric Dietitian at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Police and Crime Commissioner John Tizard said: “I am delighted that Umme is my deputy. I know that her experience, energy, commitment and values will bring significant benefit to the people of Bedfordshire.

“Umme’s track record for championing victims of crime and in particular her involvement in combatting exploitation in the High Town ward of Luton in recent years, demonstrates a passion and drive to my missions. 

“Umme will support me in fulfilling my duties and will complement my skills and experience. I look forward to working her over the next four years to promote a fairer and safer Bedfordshire through effective action to secure social and criminal justice.” 

John Tizard and Umme Ali. Credit Labour Party

Statement from PCC John Tizard:

PCC John Tizard said: “It was unfortunate that an early draft of the report, which contained inaccuracies and a misunderstanding around the role of the panel in the appointment or confirmation of the deputy role, appeared in the public domain before it had chance to be corrected.

“I’m pleased this has now been corrected and welcome the recommendation to appoint Umme Ali who has integrity, commitment, experience, skills and enormous energy which will enable her to fulfil her role in an exemplar manner.  I did not make this choice lightly nor without considerable process.

“Whilst Umme will deputise for me when required, her focus will be on championing victims of crime and on strategies for reducing and tackling violence against women and children.

“Umme has reduced her employment commitment at the NHS in order to focus two days a week on her role as Deputy PCC.

“Her role is not the same as that of the previous DPCC and the role she will be fulfilling in supporting me will, therefore, be different as I explained to the Police and Crime Panel.

“I find it peculiar the law does not require a PCC nor a Deputy PCC to be vetted, and that this issue wasn’t raised by the panel with regard to Umme’s predecessor. However, both Umme and I believe that such posts should be and have voluntarily applied to be vetted.

“Ultimately Umme is accountable to me and it is me, not Umme, who is subject to scrutiny by the Panel.”

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