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OPCC supports national charity in raising awareness of spiking

OPCC supports national charity in raising awareness of spiking

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has partnered with national charity Stamp Out Spiking to deliver training to professionals in a bid to help raise awareness of spiking and keep partygoers safe.

As part of the Safer Streets project, the OPCC have joined forces with Stamp out Spiking to deliver training to officers and local authorities, educating them on the signs to spot when it comes to spiking and how they can help prevent such offences.

Project Manager for Safer Streets Phillip Eaton said: “We commissioned Stamp out Spiking to deliver anti spiking training in a ‘train the trainer’ format to staff from the force and key stakeholders from our local authorities.

“The training was a huge success, and the feedback has been great. Officers have commented that they now have more knowledge about the matter and feel more confident about sharing tips with venues to help keep people safe.

“They felt it really complimented what they already do which is exactly the outcome we wanted.”

Stamp out Spiking work to tackle incidents of spiking across the UK by highlighting the dangers and offer tangible solutions to keep the public safe in social settings such as pubs, clubs and festivals.

In a survey conducted after the training, attendees rated the quality of the course as good or excellent, while noting that they felt more confident to be able to spot drink spiking and how to manage such a situation.

More recently, Stamp out Spiking launched their flagship ‘Never have I ever’ campaign, sharing thought-provoking social media posts and safety awareness posters for the reader to consider how certain behaviours may be considered inappropriate or coercive.

The office’s Safer Streets project have also continued with their efforts to improve the safety of party goers through informative leaflets and distributing anti-spiking glass and bottle toppers across local licenced premises. The innovative solutions are branded with QR Codes that provide users with links to key support services.

To hear more about the great work being undertaken by Stamp out Spiking, you can watch this video.

You can contact Stamp out Spiking by emailing them at

To find out more about the Safer Streets project, visit our dedicated page here.

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