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Title and Reference – PCC.D.005
Subject: Cyber Van Funding – CTC Fund Bedfordshire Police
Report of: Police and Crime Commissioner
Date: 03.06.21
Request of further funding was received at the OPCC, reports showing the use of Cyber Vans across Bedfordshire has been a beneficial pilot. The Cyber Vans are a high-tech mobile lab allowing officers to have a discreet location to investigate devices and analyse digital data, reducing the need to bring items back to police stations for investigation.
With the introduction of the fourth van, Bedfordshire Police will be increasing their capability to attend multiple scenes simultaneously. This model has over the last few years enabled them to reduce the digital device backlog by over 80% to a sustainable level with 8 months, specifically with computer backlogs reducing from one year to one month.
The triaging out of non-evidential devices at scene, and targeting suspect devices at the earliest opportunity has enabled interviewing officers to elicit an increase in anticipated guilty plea cases, enabling swift justice for victims, and maximising value for money.
Allocation of £50,000 towards additional cyber van purchase was approved.
To note decision
Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner
I hereby approve the recommendations above.

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