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Title and Reference – PCC/D/065
Subject: Commissioning and Budget Management System
Report of: Police and Crime Commissioner
Date: 16/12/2022

Sums is a commissioning and budget management system allow the user to manage unlimited budgets, providers and supporting documents. A cloud-based system, does not require software or programming to be used on any device as all data is managed through the internet browser. is secured through 2 factor authentication and can be locked to a corporate network for added security. allows forms dashboards based on data held within the system which can be viewed by budget or policy area. Dashboards can be shared via URL, email or downloaded for information sharing. Data can be shared via 360Giving Export, an open-source sharing platform. Documents can also be shared via a QR code which can share public dashboards. offer a web-based service that does not require installation on Force devices.


• Delegated management of unlimited budgets
• Management and filtering of budgets via the use of policies – policies can be allocated for funds, locations, or crime type
• A bespoke dashboard can be created to present the data required for internal reporting
• Payments can be tracked and assigned to contracts
Funding opportunities
• Funding opportunities can be shared via the system – forms can be used to develop bespoke specifications. Progress can be tracked for the stages of reviewing applications. Forms allow for documents to be added such as policies that are review with an application.
• Provider details can be carried forward from applications as recipients to prevent duplication, track due diligence checks and form contacts lists and can be assigned to policy area
• Evaluation and grading can take place within the system

Commissioning Process
• Monitoring can be completed using forms in the system with reminders directed to providers automatically
• Grant Agreements can be stored in the system
• Budget management can support multi-year funding arrangements
• Dual funding supported
• Action setting and tracking on bids and agreements

• Dashboard can be exported or shared via a QR code for use of documentations such as the sharing of annual reports
• Drafts can be prepared for activation later on
• Contracts are issued annually, there are no lock-in clauses
• Documents can be held for a duration specified by the user, there is not retention policy. Retention policies can be set by the user.

Costings professional package is costed at £150.00 per month which is billed on an annual basis equating to £1,800.00. This cost can be funded through the MoJ budget as a cost of commissioning. Offered on a 12-month rolling contract, is available to OPCCs with no optional “add on” options required for full capability.
Professional package inclusive of the following:
• General features
• Application forms and data collection
• Formal Bid Review
• Funding Lifecycle and management
• Data sharing and transparency
• Additional security options
• Additional support

The Commissioning and Budget Management System has been authorised and will be used by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire.

To note decision
Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner
I hereby approve the recommendations above.

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