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Title and Reference – PCC/D/094
Subject: Allocation of Male Rape Support Service Funding to ISVA Service
Report of: Police and Crime Commissioner
Date: 04/07/2023
On 25th May 2023, the MoJ advised that agreement was received to extend the Male Rape Support Fund for 2023-2024 from 1st April 2023- 31st July 2023, for a continuation of service following previous years. The additional commitment resulted in Bedfordshire OPCC being awarded £13,931.33 for the purpose of providing or commissioning sexual violence services to address the specific needs of male victims who have experienced rape and sexual abuse at any point of their life, including recent and non-recent child sexual abuse. The funding provision was stipulated as an extension of previous service and therefore this funding was to be allocated to Early Childhood Partnership (ECP) who provide the ISVA service for Bedfordshire as funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

The OPCC accepted the additional funding on 3rd November 2022, agreeing to utilise the uplift by the end of the financial year 2022/2023.
The Commissioning and Income Generation Lead approached Early Childhood Partnership to present the opportunity and to understand demand. On 26th May 2023, Early Childhood Partnership presented an email proposal for staff training and a needs assessment to develop an informed ISVA service with a speciality allowing improved support to males.

The Commissioning officer met with ECP on 16th June 2023 to confirm the proposal and receive assurance that the funding could be utilised in the period outlined.


A written proposal was drawn up by the Head of Therapeutic and Specialist Support Services at One YMCA/ Early Childhood Partnership outlining additional training that would be beneficial for the ISVA team and for a needs assessment to be completed to target understand the client journey.

1. Staff Training and Development Programme:

• Upskill all staff to work with males by commissioning Lime Culture Working with Males Training
• Upskill all staff to work with Male Young People by commissioning Lime Culture Working with CYP training (we already hold the CYP ISVA Accreditation with Lime Culture)
• New Male ISVA Post Training with Lime Culture

2. Needs Assessment:

• To target active males in the ISVA service or discharged clients (previous clients who we are not at risk of re-traumatization) to understand their journey from disclosure through to their accredited ISVA support.
The total cost of this project will be £13,930. Please see the operational cost breakdown below.
• Initial conversations with Early Childhood Partnership to discuss the opportunity on 25th May 2023
• Receive outline of the proposal from Early Childhood Partnership on 26th May 2023
• Meeting to discuss the proposal in response to the opportunity on 16th June 2023
• Acceptance of the opportunity on 16th June 2023 in principle
• New grant agreement to be issued 4th July 2023
• Purchase Order to be raised for full amount 5th July 2023
• Funding to be provided on receipt of signed grant agreement.
• End of funding review meeting – w/c 7th August 2023– evaluate project success, review of underspend, and implement exit strategy.
• Return underspent funds to MoJ where relevant.

To note decision

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner
I hereby approve the recommendations above.

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