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Title and Reference – PCC/D/095
Subject: Restorative Approaches (RA) in Prisons Lanyard Cards
Report of: Police and Crime Commissioner
Date: 18/07/2023

Overview of project:
Restorative approaches enable those who have been harmed to convey the impact of the harm to those responsible, and for those responsible to acknowledge this impact and takes steps to put it right. Restorative approaches refer to a range of methods and strategies which can be used both to prevent relationship-damaging incidents from happening and to resolve them if they do happen.

Prison can be a challenging environment where staff- prisoner relationships and prisoner to prisoner relationships could benefit from restorative approaches to inform alternative approaches to conflict resolution that address behaviours and increase understanding.
The process was completed in line with the OPCCs commitment to working closely with 7 Force Commercial Services, ensuring that the Commissioning Team and wider OPCC adhere to the local Financial Regulations and Contract Standing Orders which set out the following financial thresholds:

• £0-£5,000 – one written quote required to commission services
• £5,000 – £50,000 – three written quotes required to commission services
• £50,000 and above – services to be commissioned via competitive tender.

For this process, the allocated budget was sub £5,000 therefore the appropriate process was to obtain one quote, however for best practise we aimed to obtain three written quotes. Three written quotes were obtained from the following organisations:

Once obtained, each quote was considered against the following criteria.
• Capability to design and print.
• Value for money.
Following this process, (detail how each organisation did against these criteria and why they “winner” was most suitable.

Quotes for PCC/D/095 decision

Approval was sought from the Commissioning Team initially as the Project Lead and the decision is to be authorised by the Director of Operations as financial authority.

Design and capability
Value for money
Total Project Cost
Kevin Walters – Herts Printing

The provider can both design and print the lanyard cards and should take 4 weeks to arrive from approval.
Provider has quoted us for 200, 500 and 1000 units:

X200 = £233
X500 = £338
X1,000 = £478

Attached quote shows breakdown of costs and the design breakdown.

Bedfordshire Police Comms Team

This provider can only design the card and would not be able to print them.
Still currently waiting for a response to see whether they have capacity.
Design would be free but would need to seek an external printing service to print lanyard cards.
Still waiting on a response on whether the Comms Team can design the lanyard cards. This would be a free service, however, would need to find a provider who can print.

Fidelity Design and Print
Provider has the capability of designing and printing the lanyard cards.
Still awaiting a response on capacity and a quotation.
Still awaiting a response for a quotation.
Still awaiting a response on capability and a breakdown on costings.

On review of all 3 quotes, Herts Printing would be the preferred option to design and print the lanyard cards. Currently, they are the only provider who has responded and has the capability for both printing and design.

Herts Printing has been used numerous times by the OPCC and Bedfordshire Police and have the capacity to deliver the order within 4 weeks. The other 2 providers failed to communicate after several follow up emails.

To note decision
Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner
I hereby approve the recommendations above.

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