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Title and Reference – PCC/D/121

Subject: Repurpose of underspends for Safer Streets 5

Report of: Police and Crime Commissioner

Date: 06/12/2023


At the Safer Streets Governance meeting held on 6th December 2023 decisions were agreed to:

Repurpose an underspend of £1k for Performance in Education (PIE)

In order to achieve a delivery of 20 sessions prior to the end of the funding period PIE have requested an additional £1,000 to ensure that the workshops are developed in time and can be delivered withing the timeframe of the grant agreement. The change has resulted from the Home Office splitting funding into 2023/24 and 2024/25.

Repurpose an underspend of £23.96k for replacement Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs)

Speed Watch are using a mixture of devices.  They have 8 old style speed indication devices that are extremely large and heavy.  They must be transported with a trolley as they are too heavy to lift, and it takes at least 3 volunteers to move this equipment.  Our new style devices are half the size and weight of our old devices.  The old devices are in use across the county but as this style is no longer manufactured, we are not able to secure parts but more importantly the weight and movement of the equipment restricts the use of our volunteers as more volunteers are required at each session when using this equipment.   Replacement of these devices would benefit the health and safety of our volunteers and it would allow for more activity to take place as not as many volunteers would need to be at each session. 

Repurpose an underspend of £18.03k for Op Meteor Uplift

Uplift of Op Meteor (off-road motorcycle) riders. This will include the initial training course, accommodation, and required protective equipment. This is essential to improve the frequency of hi visibility patrols conducted by the Op Meteor Riders, therefore improving on pro-active results, targeting those wanting to commit ASB and road related offences. Directly resulting in the streets coming safer from anti-social bikes.

Repurpose an underspend of £10.892k for Quad Bike Trailer and Safety Clothing

Quad Bike Trailer

This is to allow the new Wildlife & Rural Crime Team’s quad bikes to be transported and deployed around the county, to assist with Rural Crime offending, and to support local Community Teams with anti-social riding issues.

Quad Bike Safety Clothing/Equipment/Training

In support of the generous donation given to the Wildlife & Rural Crime Team to purchase 2 quad bikes, training and safety equipment is required for the rider. 4 officers will be trained.A Lantra approved course must be completed by employees who ride an ATV at work, which is recognised by HSE/HAS/HSENI.


To note decision

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner

I hereby approve the recommendations above.

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