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Roads Fund part 2 (autumn launch) 2021/2022

Roads Fund part 2 (autumn launch) 2021/2022

Road safety is an integral part of community safety which is in turn a matter of significant importance to the people who live in, work in and visit Bedfordshire.

We’re pleased to announce our second round of bids for the Road Safety Fund, available for community groups and partners to bid into, to try and reduce the number of people harmed on our roads.

The partners that make up the Bedfordshire Road Safety Partnership are all committed to improving road safety. Road casualties devastate families and communities. Collisions also cost the national economy an estimated £16.3 billion a year and add pressure on the NHS and emergency services.

Chief Executive for the OPCC, Clare Kelly, said “We are pleased to re-issue the fund for a second time in a financial year. We are looking to explore opportunities with local parish, town and ward councils on deterring behaviour and conditions that causes road related incidents”.

This year we’d like to see more bids that will are more about an intelligence-driven approach.  This will help give the public education around not driving whilst under the influence, not using mobile phones whilst driving, wearing seat belts as well as speeding.

We know that during the pandemic, many people took a break from driving and so we’re looking forward to receiving bids that will help put preventative measures in place to help all drivers feel safe on our roads.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) is now encouraging applications from projects and organisations which aim to make the county’s roads safer and help with any of the following objectives set:

  • To reduce the number of collisions caused by driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • To support an intelligence-driven approach by reducing the number of people affected by poor driving due to mobiles, seat belts, etc
  • To reduce the number of young drivers, passengers, riders and pedestrians killed or seriously injured in Bedfordshire
  • To reduce the social impact of road casualties, at an individual, family and community level
  • To reduce the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured on Bedfordshire’s roads whilst increasing the levels of cycling and cycle stages undertaken.
  • To reduce the number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured on Bedfordshire’s roads.
  • To reduce the number of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured on Bedfordshire’s roads.
  • To reduce the number of older people (aged 60 or over) killed or seriously injured on Bedfordshire’s roads.
  • To help build up the confidence of those drivers who have been prevented from driving during the pandemic.



October 18th – 12pm midday     Bids open

December 10th – 17:00                Bids close

January 24th                                   Notifications to bidders will go out

Application Form

Click here for the application form.

For anyone affected by mentioned topics, please contact Signpost. Signpost can be reached on the confidential freephone number 0800 0282 887 and support services across a wide range of crimes can also be accessed via its website, if individuals prefer to self-refer.

Alternatively, you can contact the Roads Victims Trust. If you require their support, please call 01234 843345 or email:, or visit their website:

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