Past Events and Engagements

May 2021

5th – LAM
11th – BCCIB (Business Continuous Change and Improvement Board) 
12th – NATMSN
12th – BDAP Forum (Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership)
12th – Beds Custody Development Project Board
12th – Commissioning review & horizon-scanning Bedford LA
12th – Serious Violence Board
13th – Performance Board
13th – North Bedfordshire Networking Forum
13th – Commissioning Teams Catch up – Central Beds LA led
13th – The Swearing of the Oath Ceremony
13th – Be You Awards Ceremony
14th – PCC Visit Mosque in Luton
17th – PCC Visits Rural Crime Team
18th – APCC Victims Portfolio
18th – CPS Thames and Chiltern Domestic Abuse Conference Planning Meeting 
18th – Youth Panel Funding Meeting
18th – PCC joins Response Team (Evening)
18th – Bedfordshire South Digital Networking Forum
18th – APCC Victims Portfolio Group
19th – PCC Visit to Safer Streets Hub
19th – APACE (Association of Policing and Crime Chief Executives)
19th – JPS (Joint Protective Services) Board
19th – Independent Advisory Group Chairs Meeting
20th – PCC Radio Interview – Talk Radio
21st – APCC (Association of Police and Crime Commissioners) Victims Portfolio – DA perpetrator session
21st – VERU (Violence and Exploitation Reduction Unit) Oversight Board
24th – Strategic Board
24th – PCC Radio Interview – The Times Radio
25th – Business Review Meeting
25th – PCC Newspaper Interview – Cranfield and Marston Chronicle
25th – PCC Communicators’ Workshop
25th – BBC Look East Interview
26th – PCC Visit to Mary Seacole
26th – PCC Visit to Dunstable Police Station
26th – Luton Youth Offending Services Board Meeting
26th – APCC (Association of Police and Crime Commissioners) induction for new PCC’s
27th – APCC (Association of Police and Crime Commissioners) General Meeting
27th – Strategic Alliance Summit (BCH)
27th – BCH (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire) Road Safety Strategic Group
27th – Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel
28th – Luton LAM
28th – BEDS Road Safety Tactical Group Meeting
28th – Team Touchstone Day
31st – FiveLive Interview



June 2021

1st – Learning, Demand and Futures Board
1st – Interview with The Sun
1st – ISO Accreditation
1st – PCC to visit FACES
3rd – Health and Wellbeing Board
4th – Family Drug and Alcohol Court Steering Group
7th – PCC to meet the Volunteers – AM Meeting
7th – PCC on Specials Patrol
7th – Introductory Summit Meeting
7th – PCC to meet the Volunteers – PM Meeting
8th – Luton 2040 Partnership Conference
8th – Interview with GQ Magazine
8th – Reducing Re-Offending Board
8th – APCC Induction on Serious Organised Crime (teams)
8th – Police and Crime Panel
9th – PCC to visit ACCM UK
9th – Programme and Performance Monitoring Group
9th – PCC to visit Bedford Open Door
9th – BCH Introductory Meeting
10th – Bedfed Magazine
10th – BCCIB
10th – Performance Board
10th – Police Federation
10th – Parish Council Cluster
11th – Meeting with Living your life
11th – VERU Introductory Meeting
11th – Children’s Trust Board
11th – Interview with Inspire FM
14th – Visit and observe an FDAC Hearing
14th – Probation Regional Partnership Forum
14th – OCC to attend Bedford Full Council Meeting
15th – PCC to visit Tythe Farm
15th – APCC Victims Portfolio Group
15th – PCC interview with Urban Radio
16th – PCC to attend Police Action Day in Wootton
16th – Eastern Regions CEOS Meeting
16th – PCC visit Redgrave Vaccination Centre
16th – Blue Light Annual General Meeting
17th – PCC visit to Chiltern Academy School
18th – CSP Executive
21st – Local Policing Induction Session
21st – APCC Local Policing Induction
22nd – APCC Breakfast Briefing
22nd – PCC visits YouTurn Futures
22nd – Bedford Criminal Justice Board
22nd – Parish Council Meeting
23rd – Dog Watch Scheme Awareness Walk
23rd – OPCC Violence Reduction Meeting
23rd – Bedfordshire South Digital Networking Forum
23rd – FDAC Progress and Future Meeting
24th – APCC Ignite Induction
24th – Joint Audit Committee
24th – Police Priority Setting Meeting – Leighton Area
25th – APCC Ignite Day 3
28th – Safer Streets Get Together
29th – APCC Breakfast Briefing with College of Policing
29th – ICVA Q&A Session
29th – Business Review Meeting
29th – Parish Council Meeting
30th – PCC visits Early Childhood Partnership
30th – PCC visits Sexual Assault Referral Centre
30th – APACCE Strategy and Performance Network Meeting
30th – PCC visits Penrose
30th – PCC visits Luton Police Station
30th – Safer Streets Dunstable Operational Meeting